Russian Tortoise Care Guide

Russian Tortoise Housing (inside or outside)

If housed outside, be sure you have a fenced in yard as they may escape. Outside is better because of the UV light they receive from the sun.

They can be housed indoors and the recommended size of the enclosure for males is 3Ft X 2Ft. Females are recommended to have 6Ft by 2Ft.

Russian Tortoise Diet

The best diet for the Russian Tortoise would be a thick leafy green, something like a romaine lettuce. Fruit should be given in minimal quantities as a treat. If eaten in excess it can cause diarrhea.

Give them a variety including carrots. There are some pellets available as well which are Mazuri Tortoise Diet, 1 lb or T-Rex Tortoise Dry Formula


If kept indoors, you will require two types of lighting a UVB/UVA bulb and a basking bulb


Enclosure Cleaning should be done 1 to 2 times a month. In the enclosure there should be a hiding spot or something like a natural half log. For the substrates(bedding material) there are 3 options, and for Burrowing something like timothy hay can be used

In the cage a water bowl is required so be sure to always keep it filled with water for when they get thirsty.

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